Brazilian-Portuguese for business

Brazilian-Portuguese for business (Level B)

Course information

Knowing the right kind of language for business in today’s globalizing market is crucial and can give you the edge in international work environments.

Brazilian-Portuguese for business (Level B) is a support course for the Portuguese language, aimed to the business world and their different areas and departments.

The emphasis in the course is on spoken communication in practical situations and it is suitable for students with reasonably knowledge of Portuguese (Level B – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages​).

The classes were designed to respond to common difficulties of Brazilian-Portuguese students – whether in terms of vocabulary, the functioning of the language in a company and grammar.

Brazilian Portuguese for business allows the learner, through intensive repetition of structures, to feel safer and more confident to communicate in a work/company situation.


The intake procedure for this course comprises: intake interview, online test.

Course materials

For this course no books are required.