Bedrijfstraining / In-company training

Português do Brasil is able to offer in-company brazilian Portuguese language courses. All our courses are tailor-made to suit the needs of small groups or individuals. We would suggest starting with a needs analysis for each person who is interested. Following this needs analysis we would design a training plan for each person concerned. The training plan could contain elements of:

  1. Self-study

  2. In-company language training in a small group or 1:1

  3. Distance course using telephone, e-mail and/or Skype

  4. Private lessons at the instructor’s home

In principle, we offer in-company training at almost any time of the day, seven days a week: lunchtime lessons, early morning sessions, evening classes and weekend seminars.

The needs of trainees vary considerably from person to person, and from company to company. There is no one ideal method nor approach to language training. Some trainees require a more structured, traditional approach, while others prefer a more communicative methodology. We try to take into account the learning preferences of each individual, giving them just the right amount of challenge and encouragement.

The combined effect of all these features is language training at its best: a real sense of achievement and personal satisfaction for delegates, improved performance and skills in the target language, better relationships with overseas clients and suppliers, a greater understanding of foreign cultures, more meaningful international communications, and more successful international trade. There are several benefits, some obvious, some less so.

In-company courses are recommended for at least two hours per week. Courses vary in price according to their length, location, number of delegates and complexity.

Please complete the contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. There is no obligation and we will propose you a price and suggested starting date.